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A lot of these locations are close enough to each other to visit multiple on the same vacation. If you're traveling long-term and are still looking for sex tourist destinations you'll be able to jump between these countries when your visa expires.

#1 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic. It's a beautiful, historic city which is great for sightseeing and tourism. Of course this isn't what you're going there for, however, it's a nice alternative to be able to explore.

Like most top tourist locations, Santo Domingo offers the big city bustle, crazy nightlife and a beautiful beach to relax on during the daytime when you're feeling rough and hung over.

The Dominican Republic is a poor nation, knowledge of Spanish will make your time a lot more enjoyable/successful here. You will come across a lot of other travelers & vacationmakers as well as the occasional well educated local. Though most streetwalkers and escorts should know enough English.


Though brothel-keeping and pimping are illegal, it's very rare that prostitution laws are actually enforced. It's also believed that 60,000-100,000 woman are sex workers. There's a lot of ebony girls that come across from neighboring Haiti.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $765
  •  Accommodation: Depending on how cheap you want to go, Airbnb has some nice rooms for as little as $15 per night.
  •  Food & Drink: Most of the food in Santo Domingo is at least 40% cheaper than places equivalent to Saint Louis in the US. This includes eating out for meals.
  •  Girls: The average working girl in the Dominican Republic will cost you anywhere between 15-60 USD.

Best way to find Girls: My favorite way to find girls in the Dominican Republic is walking the streets at night. Like Thailand, there are many different freelancers walking the streets trying to get your attention. It can be overwhelming at times however it's the best way to see the girls and speak to them before "meeting".

Another method I like is tinder. In Santo Domingo the app is not too popular, however, it will allow you to get laid easily with very little effort and cost.

I've even had girls who strictly said "no sex" in the bio, offer me sex for as little as $15. As long as you don't ask them outright, rather ask for a tour of the city, just something that doesn't make her feel like a whore. On tinder, if someone matches you, they've already thought about you pounding away from behind.

Safety: Being safe while traveling is a huge concern. Santo Domingo is like any capital city in South America. It has areas where you shouldn't really be going, if you do go there, you need to be alert at all times. However, it's also got many built-up areas that will make you feel at home. Be alert at all times but don't let it get in the way of your experiences.

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#2 - Pattaya, Thailand  

Pattaya is one of the top 3 naughtiest locations on this list. There's a reason that so many young men travel to Pattaya for a holiday or even a couple of months. Of course you need some money to enjoy this place to its fullest, however, it's still considerably cheaper than most western countries.

It is unfair to say Pattaya is only good for sex tourists. It's a beautiful location and if you eventually get bored of the sex, you will be able to enjoy the lovely beaches, sightsee and even spend time out on the fairways if you're into golf. That being said, the sex is really in your face and you will be distracted.

Most Thai girls can speak broken English at the very least. A lot of working Thai girls will look for guys which cannot speak a word of Thai. They believe they're not "street" smart and are easier to milk money from. Knowing a little Thai will help you in many situations, however, when paying for sex, it's not really necessary.


Despite the fact it's Illegal, it's estimated that 2,000,000 girls work the sex trade in Thailand. Prostitution isn't really cracked down on, especially in Pattaya as it brings so many foreigners to the country and is good for the economy.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $1419
  •  Accommodation: Again, depending on the type of room you want. Airbnb offers single rooms for as little as $11/night. With proper holiday resorts costing as little as £12 per night.
  •  Food & Drink: Eating out is incredibly cheap in Thailand. Meals from street vendors begin at 40-50 baht/ $1.10 and restaurants around 80 baht. The meals are cheap and consist mainly of rice, vegetables and a bit of meat. Obviously, you can pay more for other, higher quality food.
  •  Girls: Prices in Thailand are highly negotiable, especially with freelancers. Most girls will charge between 500-1500 baht (15-45 USD) for short time. If you want a more in-depth breakdown, read our Thai Prostitute price guide.

Best way to find girls: There's a reason Thai freelancers are on their phones all the time. Trying to drum up business. I honestly believe that buying yourself tinder gold is a brilliant, low effort & cheap way to meet Thai girls that will fuck for free as well as money. A lot of freelancers will say so in their bio, if you want to find out if she is a working girl, just ask what she does for work.

I've had numerous women offer sex without any cost on Tinder in Thailand, straight up, 0 graft. Maybe this is because they just wanted a free ride themselves or thought that it may help them get a better life. Sex isn't just sex in Thailand, there's almost always ulterior motives.

Thai girls are great fun. I would be careful though, they can get very possessive and jealous. If you are in one place for a long time and have a different girl each day, you may want to watch out. Just a thought.

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#3 - Davao City, Philippines  

Davao City is known as the "Land of peace". At night time it is very far from peaceful though. Davao is a coastal city full of beautiful Filipina girls and ladyboys (if you're into that scene). It's a great alternative to Thailand and is slightly lesser known.

If you begin to get bored of the nightlife, you can always head off to local crocodile parks, go snorkelling or browse the numerous shopping malls or street markets. It wouldn't be a good tourist destination without beaches, Davao has beaches in abundance.

The Philipines as a country is considered westernized. Most of the locals are somewhat fluent in English. It's not like you're reading this article because you want to travel and have in-depth conversations with the locals anyway.

I'm sure that you'll be able to negotiate and get your point across without much issue. If they don't speak much English, you won't have to put up with too much hassle.

Like most of the countries on this list, Prostitution is illegal. With that being said, Law Enforcement is tolerant towards sex work and rarely punish the girls and their customers. While you shouldn't really be taking drugs, avoid drugs while you're here at all costs. The Philippines is known for its vicious war on drugs.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $1555
  •  Accommodation: A downtown condo in Davao can cost as little as $10 per night. These can be a little cramped however you'll probably rarely be in your room other than when you're throwing down.
  •  Food & Drink: If you eat & enjoy Asian cuisine you can enjoy a months worth of food & drink for $120-$140 for a month (per person). This is incredibly cheap and you'll probably feel better on an Asian type diet, rather than the processed western diet.
  •  Girls: Davao might just have the cheapest girls on this list. A lot of young girls will enter negotiations at 1500 pesos (28 USD), however, if you reject them they quickly come down. Older women may even come down as far as 6-800 pesos (15 USD). It all depends on what you want, make it known and name a price.

The best way to find escorts in Davao is walking the streets. Specifically San Pedro Street, Pelayo Street, A. Pichon Street, and Iñigo Street. The girls on these streets already know what's up. You'll have no issue getting them back to your room and having your way with them.

Another good method is FilipinoCupid. It has the most Filipino girls you'll find on any dating site and a lot of them are actually working girls as well. The bonus of searching for talent on a dating website/app is that you don't really need to put in much effort and you may even get free hole every now and then (depending on your age/attractiveness).

The Philippines also has an abundance of Trans "girls" if you're into that scene.

Davao is a great city and has a lot fewer sex tourists than Angeles and Manilla. Perfect for a beginner sex tourist.

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#4 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia  

The country of Cambodia may not have been on your mind when first clicking on this article, however, it's a great country to meet young & attractive girls for massages & fun.

Providing you're not hung over or pounding away on some young (but legal) Khmer girl, there are also many sights to see, spas to visit, shopping malls and even classes if you'd like to meet people and learn new skills.

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and is well known by many sex tourists. It also has the biggest red light district in Cambodia, meaning that you'll not have to move far for fun.

Unfortunately, Khmer is the native language of Cambodia and a lot of uneducated locals cannot speak English. Thankfully in the bigger Cities such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, the local people can speak English to a degree. The deeper you travel into Cambodia, and the more rural the places, you're going to need to know some Khmer.

In Cambodia Prostitution is Illegal but as you'll already know by now, that doesn't stop people from working the streets. Child prostitution and sex trafficking are rife in Cambodia. Make sure you are buying a service off of someone that is of legal age. The last thing you want is to be stuck rotting in a Cambodian prison cell and being charged as a child predator.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $1386
  •  Accommodation: A private room in Cambodia will cost you around $15 per night. Shared living is available for as little as $5 per night but you'll most likely have to take the girls to a short time hotel as you'll not be able to have sex with them at your hostel.
  •  Food & Drink: Eating a Cambodian diet, you'll be able to live on as little as $140 per month. A western diet is considerably more expensive. Of course, this depends on how frugal you are being as well.
  •  Girls: The price of girls vary massively between the bars, massage saloons, nightclubs and the street. A freelance girl will cost you as little as $15 whereas a bar girl could cost you up to $50 before you even take into consideration bar fines.

THE BEST WAY TO MEET GIRLS IN PHNOM PENH IS The nightlife. Hitting the right streets in the evening will most likely give you the best results. If you leave it too late, the "good" girls may have already found their customers. Go too early and you may be paying a premium as girls haven't got desperate just yet.

As always, Tinder and other dating apps are almost always going to be worth your time. Dedicated a day to set them up, even if it's back home before you enter the country, that way you'll have some girls to meet on day 1 and maybe even a list of girls that you could have fun with during your stay.

#5 - San Jose, Costa Rica  

SJ aka San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and boasts a population of 333,000+ people. If you enjoy the bustle of a city, SJ is for you. It's also known as one of the safest cities in the region. This allows you to go out at night searching for talent without the worries of being held at gunpoint.

Costa Rica is made up mostly of Latina & Afro Carribean girls, though there are some foreign imports that moved to CR because they can work freely without worrying about being charged with solicitation.


This means you have 0 worries of being locked up while trying to pay for hole (If you are). Because it's legal the prostitutes have a lot more protection than other countries. They have organized unions, regular testing, free healthcare & police protection. So don't try and fuck around, the girls have more protection than you.

Costa Rica is so open to prostitution you'll often see newspaper & website articles that follow the journey of a working girl, reporting her earnings and sometimes they even glorify the work she does. You have to make the journey to San Jose at some point in your life, experience a country where prostitution isn't frowned upon. It'll take a while to get used to.

San Jose has numerous different landmarks that you can visit during the day. It also has many different museums, zoos, parks & plazas. During the night time, well you already know what goes on.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $802
  •  Accommodation: A cosy private room 5-10 minutes away from the city centre will cost you as little as $18 per night. Most of the accommodation in San Jose is girl friendly, they would lose a lot of business if they weren't.
  •  Food & Drink: The overall price of Costa Rica is slightly higher than the likes of Thailand. You're looking at $180+ per month if you're living on a Carribean diet & $230+ on a westernised diet.
  •  Girls: Like everything else in Costa Rica, the girls are slightly more expensive as well. You're looking at around $20-30 for 30 minutes and anywhere from $40-80 per hour. This will vary depending on the quality of girls you're picking up and how desperate for business they are.

Any of the major cities in Costa Rica will provide you with many opportunities to sleep with girls for free & for money. Though prostitution is a lot more low key than in places like Pattaya. Overall it's a good balance between a quiet escape and sex paradise that you may or may not be looking for.

BEST WAY TO MEET GIRLS IN SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA IS visiting the most notorious sex locations. The Hotel Del Rey is a famous hotel where the working girls will gather in the lounge waiting for customers before taking them up to short time rooms. The hotel owners do not mind as they're making so much money off the back of this and of course, prostitution is legal. They don't get a cut, just sell the rooms.

There are many other bars, casinos and back streets around San Jose where you'll be able to find working girls, just go out in the evening and you'll be able to find your hole without any issues.

I really like Costa Rica, the thought of Thailand can be daunting. So many girls hollering and ladyboys grabbing you trying to proposition you can get boring very quickly. Costa Rica is a slightly more relaxed country and thankfully you don't have any worries of police stings unless you're going after underage girls which is disgusting.

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#6 - Bangkok, Thailand  

BKK is probably the most notorious location in the world for its naughtiness despite the fact Pattaya is much crazier. When talking about Bangkok, most people will almost immediately bring up the Thai Ladyboys, which BKK has in abundance.

Just like Pattaya, Bangkok has beautiful girls (and ladyboys) from all around the world. It doesn't matter whether you're into Thai women, Russians, Romanians or Indians. Odds are you'll come across a girl you like within seconds of being in Soi Cowboy. There are also many western backpacker girls that you may not be able to pay for but can date if you're interested in those.


The sex work laws in Bangkok are a little interesting. While prostitution is actually prohibited in Thailand, it's still incredibly popular and rarely cracked down on. The fact that bars can hire "sex workers" legally but being a sex worker is illegal, is very, very weird. Not only that but if a sex worker is caught, she will be punished however their clients will get off with no solicitation charges.

At the end of the day, it's pretty clear Thai law enforcement don't target tourists & legit sex workers, rather the child predators and sex traffickers. In my opinion, this is how it should be. Why crack down on 2 consenting adults trading services for money?

Bangkok is a great tourist location. Even if you're not there for the honeys, you'll be able to entertain yourself for days on end. I suggest finding a local to show you the ropes though, why not make it someone you can have sex with though…?


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $1080
  •  Accommodation: Bangkok is incredibly cheap for accommodation. You're able to rent an entire 2 bedroom flat for as little as $12 per night, which if you have a travel buddy is only $6 per night split between you.
  •  Food & Drink: Like Pattaya, food in BKK is incredibly cheap. You'll be able to eat off of street vendors stalls for less than it would cost you to make a meal back home. Not only that but the quality of food is much better (if you like rice & meat).
  •  Girls: The girls & ladyboys of Bangkok are very similar to Pattaya. You'll be able to find girls at the tail end of the night for as little as $10-15 dollars, while at peak times they may cost double that. There's also a lot of girls on dating sites that will put out almost instantly without cost.

BEST PLACE TO FIND GIRLS IN BANGKOK: If you want to put in 0 effort and just pay your way to climax, hit up Soi Cowboy talk to a handful of girls and you'll most likely be on your way back to the hotel to get your nut. It's really that easy in Thailand.

If you're looking to meet locals & have them show you around before taking them back to yours I suggest using Thai dating sites & Tinder premium. When using these sites you'll get many freelancers messaging you, as well as the occasional girl that wants to meet and fuck a foreigner for fun.

Just be careful when fucking the Thai women, bareback is irresponsible due to the number of people in Thailand with serious STI's but if you insist, some girls will try to trap you with children for financial gain, older post wall women will try especially hard to keep you around.

#7 - Amsterdam, Netherlands  

The home of European prostitution. Amsterdam is one of the few European countries prime for bachelor parties and prostitution. You've most likely already heard about the Red Light District in Amsterdam but I'm going to give you a quick overview anyway.

With up to 300 windows full of working girls, you're not going to be short of choices to make. There are very few videos and photos of the district as you are told to keep cameras in your pockets. Sure you can record using your phone or spy cameras but it's best not to if you want to avoid confrontation.

The district is open 24 hours and a lot of bars are open 24/7 however if you want to keep the magic, only go at night. There's something about the Red Light district during the day that just kills the atmosphere and makes it feel somewhat gross.


The girls that are legally working prostitutes are frequently tested, have regular health check-ups and even pay taxes. If you're into bareback, good luck finding that in the Red Light District. You may find some independents that allow it at a cost though.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $1060
  •  Accommodation: Amsterdam accommodation is slightly more expensive than the rest of the countries on this list. You're still able to get a nice private room for $35-$40 in the heart of Amsterdam though.
  •  Food & Drink: As it's a western country, Food & Drink costs a very similar price to the states. You're looking at around $11 for a meal from McDonald's. For a months worth of food, you're looking at $300+, which is a lot when compared to the SEA and SA countries.
  •  Girls: Because prostitution is legal, the girls have to pay taxes and it's a somewhat rich western country, you're looking at around 120 USD per hour you spend with entry-level escorts. Higher quality "premium" girls could cost you $250+ an hour.

The Red Light District is a great place to enjoy company: It's not like other walking streets. You'll never have experienced anything quite as interesting as "De Wallen". Instead of girls coming up to you, shouting at you and asking if you want "good time", they'll be in the windows dancing, sometimes even tapping at you. You don't get streetwalkers.

If you head online I'm sure you'll be able to find some independent girls, chances are they are not registered legal prostitutes though.

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#8 - Ibiza, Spain  

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is one of the Europeans go too holiday and party destination. The nightlife is wild here, full of both tourists and locals going absolutely crazy. Ibiza has an abundance of quality DJ's and girls that are willing to enjoy themselves a little too much.

Ibiza offers so much variation, whether you're looking for other Brits and Americans going wild, professional escorts or street workers, Ibiza has it all. They even have a small Red Light district in Figueretas. It boasts many different bars, restaurants, strip clubs & sex shows.


Spain is a very "progressive", "liberal" country. It's only the pimps and brothels who get punished. They accept that whether it's legal or not, girls are going to work for money, especially in such a busy tourist destination such as Ibiza. A lot of the girls are illegal immigrants though coming from Africa or other poor European countries such as Romania.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $500
  •  Accommodation: You are able to rent accommodation for as little as $20 per night. It'll be a little out of the way, maybe a 20km journey to the city centre and clubs, however uber and public transport is fairly cheap. It does get a bit tedious though, it may be worth spending that little bit more for a closer room.
  •  Food & Drink: Odds are you're not going to stay in Ibiza for a month, however you're looking at around $200 for a month worth of food in Ibiza. Eating out at a "cheap" restaurant will cost you $20 or thereabouts.
  •  Girls: Street workers will offer you prices as low as 50 Euros per hour. There's said to be 3,000+ registered sex workers in Ibiza that reap the benefits of working legally, these girls will cost upwards of 80 Euros per hour and are 100% safe to use.

BEST WAY TO FIND SEX IN IBIZA Honestly, If you're just going to clubs every night and enjoying yourself, you will see the street workers and most likely get propositioned at some point. You don't need to go actively looking for sex in Ibiza because it's literally everywhere.

Obviously, if you're desperate, you can try and make things happen on dating sites & even visit the Red Light district in Figueretas but as I say, there's more than enough street workers outside of the popular clubs that will offer you sex at a price.

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#9 - Seoul, South Korea  

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is incredibly popular among tourists, not just sex tourists. Unfortunately travelling to Korea from the states takes a lot of time and a decent amount of money too.

The population of Seoul is 9.6 million. Imagine just how many of those are working girls or girls that want to meet and get with foreigners, crazy amounts!


DESPITE THE FACT PROSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL IN SOUTH KOREA It's said that the sex trade is worth up to 14 trillion per year and that's AFTER the crackdown by the government using legal sanctions and police enforcement. It may come as a surprise to you but way back in 2002 it was worth up to as much as 24 trillion.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $1100
  •  Accommodation: You are able to get nice sizeable private rooms for as little as $18 in Seoul. These aren't central however they do have very convenient rail and public transport links that will allow you to travel around.
  •  Food & Drink: Seoul is a very expensive location. You're not going to be able to live off of pennies, well, you may, however, it will not be comfortable in the slightest. It is recommended you have a minimum of $400 per month for a western diet.
  •  Girls: In Seoul, you should expect to pay around $100 for entry-level hookers. There are many other ways to get your rocks off in Korea though, you can read more about them here.

BEST METHODS TO MEET GIRLS IN SEOUL: Hooker Hill. Itaewon is known to foreigners as Hooker Hill, this is one of the few Red Light Districts that don't actively hate westerners coming across to South Korea for sex. The setup is very similar to Amsterdam in that the girls sit in windows in bikinis, some naked, touting for business offering sexual services.

KoreanCupid is by far the best dating site in Korea. You'll find many western backpackers on there as well as Korean beauties. You'll get many different types of offers while on that site, some will be freelance working girls, some girls are just looking for fun and others long-term relationships.

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#10 - Bali, Indonesia  

While it may be known for its clear oceans and relaxing meditation/yoga retreats, Bali has nightlife that not many places can match. Because it's quite a poor country western sex tourists can travel to Indonesia and have a different girl every night. If you're just looking to live it up, not necessarily wanting to host many girls, Bali is still great value for money.

Rest is for the weak. Every night in Bali is a night to go out, especially in the South (Kuta or Seminyak). The thing I hate most about western clubs is that they close so early, thankfully Bali has no set open and close times, clubs are open most of the day. Though most things sex happens after midnight.


Though it is still widely practised, tolerated and sometimes even regulated. Unfortunately, a lot of girls are forced into escorting by their family members and don't enjoy any elements of their job but they still work.


  •  Return Flight from the US (JFK Airport): $930
  •  Accommodation: In Bali, you are able to get accommodation very cheaply. I've seen many modern private rooms for as little as $12 however they're out of the way and some are even in the middle of a rice field.
  •  Food & Drink: Food in Bali is reasonably priced. If you're following a traditional Asian diet you can expect to pay a minimum of $150 per month. If you really want to save money, you could fish as a hobby and eat your catches.
  •  Girls: In Bali, the price of freelancers vary massively. One girl may fuck you for as little as $40 while the next may expect a price as high as $200. It's an interesting marketplace, that's for sure.

THE BEST PLACE TO MEET SEX WORKERS IN BALI IS The nightclubs. If you go to Kuta on a night out, you can guarantee that you'll be propositioned. Another area is Sanur, if you hit that strip you'll see many attractive girls waiting for a man to pay her and take her home.

You'll also come across girls on dating sites and even in bars during the daytime that are working, just enjoy Bali for what it is and I'm almost certain you'll enjoy your fair share of shagging.